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    Services to Bridge Your Evolution

     "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do"

    Steve Jobs

  • Working Your

    Business Growth

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    Empowering Your world

    More than ever, our world is changing beyond the models that created them. It is thanks to the adversity of changes that societies and systems have learned to thrive and reshape themselves into the future.


    I believe that we truly empower our potential when we overcome those changes.

    When is your next evolution?

  • Walking The Talk

    Beyond mere promises, the work we do must have an impact. But how do we measure that? 

    First we must listen to our instincts, then we account for a good dose of hard work, blended with experts' advices.

    Building on cultures of values

    With trust at the heart of all decisions, your business will not be where it is today without your values. Every action you take towards development must encompass these values. That is how you empower your team, your customers, your brand.

    Bringing People Together

    Although not always roses and peaches, there is so much good in the world! We are interested in what makes you strong and how to empower that.

    How can we do this? By connecting you with more people and organisations that have like-minded strengths.

    There are no boundaries to communities

    Living Creativity

    A free mind is a creative mind, and a creative mind sees no limit. With an undying touch of curiosity, we understand that a team that has the confidence to push their knowledge to its boundaries will also overcome the hardest of challenges and develop the most innovative strategies and campaigns.

  • How To Approach Your New Frontiers?

    We Must Create Tangible Action Plans


    Setting Achievable Objectives

    The goal of an adventure is never established until the end, therefore the start is where you look to the stars and find a bearing.


    Articulating The Tools You Will Need

    A transformation is never easy and you will need all the help available. But what does that look like, and what will you need?


    "Action!" Activate And Do What You Do Best

    There will only be one way through your growth, and that will be through trial & error. So we must do to understand!


    Assess - Evaluate - Update - Repeat 🔁

    Your strength will always come from your ability to understand and grow from your mistakes or build from your successes. It may seem easy but this is the hardest part of the process!

  • Thomas Gonçalves de Carvalho

    Getting To Know Me

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    Trained at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne

    Renowned for its Bachelor in International Hospitality Management, the program not only taught the art of hospitality, but connected tangible problem solving to real life situations

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    Gained Ground Experience in Shanghai

    They say there is no better way to learn than to do, and frankly there is no better way to do than in Shanghai at the peek of its development!

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    Mastered My Skills in Thailand

    What started as an exotic adventure to the heart of South East Asia, became a truly liberating experience of professional maturity

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    Determined to Make a Change for You

    One step at a time, one breath in & out, for the good & our communities


  • Those Who Would Agree

    Feedback from a few industry professionals

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    Alfonso Castillo

    Asia Pacific Marketing Manager

    I had the opportunity of working with Thomas for about 3 years while he was leading the Marketing department of one client company that represented Diplomático Rum in Thailand. His insights, leadership, hard work, creativity and in depth analysis led the brand to growth over that period of time around 300% in sales plus becoming one of the leaders in the segment. Thomas was a key piece inside the Sales and Marketing team and my experience working with him was a joy both personally and professionally.

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    Sarah Yewdall

    Director | Entrepreneur | Business Owner

    Thomas handles himself and embraces his work in a way of someone with many more years than him, sometimes I forget how young he is!! So with the maturity in work approach but the dynamic energy of a young person, this is a star quality hard to find. He is also very good at networking and very capable of multi layered thinking.

  • Those Who Would Agree

    Feedback from a few industry professionals

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    Paul Marshall

    CEO | Director | Coach

    Thomas is an extremely talented individual. He is a natural leader with an impeccable work ethic. Given an opportunity ‘Thomas will seize the day.’ Given an opportunity where there is true passion and talent ‘Thomas will conquer.’

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    David Ghani

    Entrepreneur | Spirits Importer | Business Owner

    I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas both in China and Thailand over a number of years. He has a deep understanding of building premium brands in Asia, in both a sales and marketing capacity, as well as being strong relationship builder within the trade.

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    Alan Chen

    Spirits Importer | Business Owner

    Thomas is the real deal go-getter! Give him the target and that's what he'll bring. I guess that's the Swiss in him!